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Boyce Avenue, indigO2, London, United Kingdom, 11th April 2014


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Another day of writing new original music. I’m in a New York recording studio with my brothers! (x)

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Boyce Avenue Will Perform New Single ‘I’ll Be The One’ on ‘Good Morning America’


Boyce Avenue are making their national TV debut in a big way — they’re going to be performing on ‘Good Morning America’!

The trio of brothers — Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano — will perform their new song ‘I’ll Be The One,’ off of the band’s upcoming EP ‘NO LIMITS.’

“We could not be more excited to perform our new song, ‘I’ll Be The One (feat. Milkman)’ on ‘Good Morning America’ this month,” frontman Alejandro said in a statement. “We hope our fans tune in and watch, and enjoy the rest of the music off of our new EP, ‘NO LIMITS,’ which we feel showcases our experiences these past few years and is an extension of pop influences that have really inspired the direction of our music.”

The guys have amassed an insane following (their YouTube channel has over one billion views and has the most subscriptions of any band) based on their crazy good covers (like this awesome mash-up they did with Carly Rose Sonenclar of ‘Counting Stars’ by OneRepublic and Eminem and Rihanna‘s ‘The Monster,’ and this incredible cover of Justin Timberlake‘s ‘Mirrors’ that they did with Fifth Harmony). And now, after touring extensively throughout Europe, it’s time for the world to see their original material on live TV.

Be sure to tune in to ‘Good Morning America’ on Tuesday, April 29, to check out Boyce Avenue perform their single ‘I’ll Be The One’!


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And I’ll be gone gone tonight

The ground beneath my feet is open wide

The way that I been holdin’ on too tight

With nothing in between

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So proud of these guys!

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Boyce Avenue Builds a School - Boyce’s fundraising for Pencils of Promise

We want to give a big THANK YOU to all of you, near and far who have purchased One Life and/or have donated to Pencils of Promise on our behalf. With your help we raised enough to build almost two entire classrooms! SATURDAY 4/19 is the last day to donate to PoP on our behalf!

Thank your for all the support! Donate HERE:


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Boyce Avenue, ‘No Limits’: Exclusive EP Premiere

The Sarasota, Florida-native rockers Boyce Avenue make a return with their “No Limits” EP, their first release since 2010. The album is being released independently through the group’s own label 3 Peace Records and features a collaboration with dance producer/DJ Milkman, which is available today (and when fans pre-order the album on iTunes).

The seven-track “No Limits” is due out a week from today on Tuesday (April 22), but take an early listen to the EP, exclusively at

Boyce Avenue might just be the most popular band you’ve never heard of.

Sons of Puerto Rican parents who grew up in a close-knit musical environment, brothers Alejandro, Daniel and Fabian Manzano have built an empire using YouTube. With 5.5 million subscribers, more than Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, David Guetta and Lady Gaga, they are the most subscribed band on all of YouTube and with 1.3 billion channel views, are the third most watched band on the platform.

“I grew up on Dave Matthews and Goo Goo dolls, bands who toured to build a fan base,” says frontman Alejandro Manzano in an interview with Billboard. “But for us, the complete reverse happened.”

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Boyce Avenue Drum POV (Jason Burrows) Spring European Tour - London, England. 4/11/14

Awesome! I love videos from Jason’s view! :D

You can also spot Tommy Reynolds taking pictures of the band in the video..can’t wait to see his new photos! :D